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89 16v 5spd Garage kept Southern car $9999.00

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Original, unmolestedly, unmodified  100% OEM  factory 

 No paint or finish degradation or chalking

72k on working odometer-documented miles

Norfolk Va car never seen snow, ice or salt RUST FREE 

Interior Leatheriqued annually-no wear on seat outer edges 

Teeves flushed yearly, no problems 

No damage to instrument cover leather

Has umbrella, tool kit, all documentation and papers

Pull-down works correctly, top like new

No rubber or plastic degradation

Decrepit geezer owned, garage kept and prof maintained

More photos forthcoming...


Open to offers by serious interested parties

for more info contact me via pm


IMG_2251 (2).JPG

IMG_2252 (2).JPG

IMG_2253 (2).JPG

IMG_2254 (2).JPG

IMG_2255 (2).JPG

IMG_2256 (2).JPG

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Car looks great - were I in the market for a third yellow 16v car, we'd be talking.  


Over the years I've found that minor, but obvious details can matter a lot.  With that in mind I think adding the fender badges, installing correct plug wires and losing the "Maserati" script on the trunk would increase your chance of selling the car, particularly to a non-TC person.  It's the right time of year to be selling a convertible and the TC is on a lot of folks' radar as a "future collectible".  I really think you'll get your price, or very close to it.

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Looks like a good buy if the car checks out.  Typical concerns - odometer - no change in 20 years  and ABS issue.  No mention or pic of the soft top.  Are there any oil leaks?  Might be a flipper.  

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I'm hoping if I keep tweaking and buffing mine for 10 years I might get $15K+ for my 16v.

totally under appreciated. a friend of mine has a similar 73 BMW 3.0S that just sold for $145K  on Bat

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That auction ended and the seller took the best offer he could get, but NOT 7500. These sales are what skew the numbers and no one but buyer and seller ever know the actual sales amount. Maybe someone here made an offer and didn't get the car so can say what the car 'got more than' .

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There's a competing site to BringATrailer called Cars&Bids.  I don't know anything about them, but was looking over their site and they seem to have a lot of unusual, low production vehicles from the 80's & 90's, especially European.

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I bought my TC about a year ago. The owner tried to sell it on ebay asking $5.000. Couldn't get it. Had anybody went and looked at it, they would have paid it. Unfortunately nobody did so I got it for $4200. The car was very clean and well cared for. I believe it was worth more, given my research. I had looked for one years ago. Ran across this one by accident, tried to find a reason not to buy it, couldn't find a notable flaw. The point... Unless you can get somebody to look at it in person, it's going to be a tough sell. Wish I had the play money. I'd buy it in an instant! Had a hard time getting this purchase by my wife.

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 Plumbinguy - looks like you got a real keeper there -nice purchase!


The white 16v currently on EBay looks like a dealer car.  Odometer issue, no pics or mention of soft top, no pics of undercarriage so can't tell about leaks.  Interesting choice of words on the brake system.  Still, this car "vibrates" better than the black one, even though it's not that ideal color combo.


The cars&bids car did seem to go too cheap - not sure if there was an issue with the car or just the wrong venue.  At any rate, never, never sell without a reserve.

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Wow Nile, you're right! The last documented odometer reading was in 2005 at 69,522.  16 years later it is 69,752. Doing the math, that is only 230 miles in 16 years!!!!   I thought I was thorough, but you got me beat hands down!!!!  I want you on my team the next time I buy a a car........

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