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2021 DUAL National Meet Cancelled

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A message from the National Meet Committee

2021 DUAL National Meet Cancelled

The Buick Club of America Board of Directors has decided to cancel the 2021 Dual Meet scheduled for June/July this summer.  The National Meet Committee (NMC) held several meetings with the board to review the current public health guidance related to the pandemic and the impact on the event.  These guidelines included capacity restrictions and face covering mandates both indoors and outdoors along with contract tracing and health check requirements.  After much discussion, careful consideration and an overabundance of caution, the board decided to cancel the meets this summer.  Strongsville and Charlotte/Concord are excellent locations to host National Meets therefore the BOD and NMC will be working with the local chapters and hotels to determine their interest in hosting a meet in future years.

The majority of the BCA membership’s demographic is considered in the “vulnerable population” and consequently at a higher risk for the COVID-19 virus.  Naturally, this vulnerability leads seniors to be very concerned for their safety if attending a mass gathering event such as a national meet.  In addition, there is uncertainty as to how businesses (including those we had planned on for activities) will be operating in the June/July timeframe and possibility not being open at all.  This is currently the case with some tour activities that were planned for Strongsville.  Given this, the events would look very different than what was planned and experienced by the membership in past years.  The current public health orders in both locations do not provide a conducive environment to holding our typical national meet event.

The board offers their sincere appreciation to the National Meet Committee and the 2021 host chapters for their hard work and dedication for not only planning the meets but for providing detailed information on the current pandemic restrictions and how the events could be affected.  This decision was very difficult for the board to make but felt it is in the best interest of the BCA membership to cancel.    Meet registrations that have been received will be refunded within the next two to four weeks. 

The National Meet Committee and the board look forward to welcoming everyone to the 2022 National Meet in Lisle, Illinois. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Pat Wojahn, Chair
National Meet Committee
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