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Chrysler B&B carb


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Making slow progress cleaning out the misc parts. Here is a B&B carb made for the Chrysler corp. Has a "2" on the flange and a Dia of 1.5. Someone has robbed it of most parts, but has no cracks I see. Free to a good home, or any home for that matter. For the ride.



DSCN0447 (2).JPG

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Thanks, I am trying to downsize. I have to slap my wrist (sometimes a couple of times) every so often when perusing ebay.


In the FWIW category, in almost 50 years, we have never had a call for one of these, and only sold a couple of rebuilding kits. But the float, plugs, check valves, etc. are interchangable with the universal BB-1's.


Can't really blame anyone for robbing parts from it.



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