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My car squeks when I turn, How do I fix it???


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My car squeaks when I turn, I was once told that there is only one part in a car that will sqeak ( a bushing or something I can't remember exactly that is the problem. I was told if you replace the old one( bushing or something ) that is normally plastic to a new fiber glass one your car won't sweak any more. I just don't remember exactly what part I was told to replace, please help that John at Keepitreal2121@yahoo.com

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Guest boettger

If I remember correctly, there are grease ports (Fittings not installed from the factory) for the inner upper A-arm pivots on these cars.

Back in the old days we used to drill holes in the inner fender shock tower area to iinstall fitting then grease.

This might not be a satisfactory remedy for a collector car, but I'm sure you will find many Mustangs, Falcons and I think even Fairlanes, with crudly cut holes to install these fittings. The Upper A-arm Bushings used to make "squeks" and moans on turns when the grease dissapeared.

The only soloution for a "collector" Restored car would be to remove the upper control arms and grease, perhaps installing right angle grease fittings at the same time. On a 34 year old car theose bushings just might be dry and also need replaced!

Also check the bushings on the strut bar that is attached from the lower A-arm forward to the frame.

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I know very little about new cars (ones built after 1950), but I have observed that many of them make a squeal (squeek?) when the power steering pump resevoir is low. I suspect the noise is actually the belt slipping on the pully and could also occur under other conditions (bad PS pump, etc.)

Does your car have power steering?

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This is a common problem on old Mustangs. It is normally the bushings as discribed in an earler post. There are two things I did on my 1968 Mustang. First install a new pair of A arms, the old ones are probably worn out. You can get them with poly. bushings now and it really helps the ride. Second, purchase the "fix" for the problem. Most Mustang catalog places sell them. They are a pair of grease fitings that are elongated enough to get a gun on. They come with a instalation tool too. I did my about 8 years ago not a squeek since! Oh yeah, also replace the lower shock mount pivit at the same time!

Good Luck, <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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