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1929 DeSoto - $9,000


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Original California, two owner, running and driving.





1929 DeSoto Model K, all original and I am the second owner. Runs great. needs someone to make her stand out again. About ten years ago, brakes where redone, new tires, transmission and rear axle dis assemble, cleaned and resealed. Rims where sand blasted and powered coated and new wiring harness installed. Haven't been driven since 2016, so the brakes will need to be looked at. Tags are currently NonOp. Have many parts for the car, for instance, two engines. one 1929 DeSoto and one Chrysler, one transmission, two rear axles, starter, one generator and other parts that I need to get together in boxes. 4965 original miles and original Cal. Plate. Wally (602) 295-3429

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Very cool. Price seems good, but could the area specific discoloration on the hood indicate an engine fire in the past? If so, it looks like it would've been contained quickly. Speculation on my part, but worth asking.


Six cylinders in 1929 was pretty impressive.

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