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Newbie looking for some answers

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Hello all,


I live on a 100 year old farm and recently found a 1927 IH 6 speed special I thought would fit in on the farm. My original thought is to get it running and try to preserve it in its original condition. I don’t know if there is any value in this old truck and don’t want to ruin it if there is. I’m also looking for someone to help with some of the work I can’t do (rebuild a door, put a vinyl top on it & glass where needed). The motor is all there and I’m pretty sure it has been rebuilt. I would like to redo the wood wheels and make them match. And I would like to have the seat refurbished. Any thoughts, suggestions and ideas is welcomed. 

Thanks Phil



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It's a beauty .. Your location will help . reading and do search on wanted subject, in restoration section ,  will yield lots of info for you . Make sure to get some fresh oil pressurized in the system before cranking .And draw your fuel from a remote test tank . 100 0/0 of old tanks are rusty . These are some of the tips you well find . Good luck and ask as many question as needed .

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ArticiferTom offered you some great advice. And your location will be very helpful in finding people locally who may help This forum goes all over the world so local help in things you want to have repaired needs to be narrowed down a lot. Someone in Europe would not be too helpful if you are in Texas for example.  I agree the restoration  section can point to you to parts and supplies that can be obtained from a distance, and you may find people with knowledge you can use. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress on your great truck.

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You have an early version 6 speed special. If the engine is free you can likely get it running fairly easily. these are pretty indestructible.  It is a Waukesha XA engine. 

If you don't want to rebuild wooden wheels there were steel ones if you can find a set.  Looks like a great project.  

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