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For Sale: 1924 Packard Single Eight Model 136 Sport Model, Body Style No. 246 - $120,000 - Brookshire, TX - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1924 Packard Single Eight Model 136 Sport Model, Body Style No. 246 - $120,000 - Brookshire, TX

1924 Packard Packard - Commercial Vehicles - Brookshire, Texas | Facebook Marketplace | Facebook

Description: 1924 Packard Packard · Other_body_style · Driven 6,801 miles All original 1924 Packard straight 8 black interior exterior white brown soft top
Sign onto Facebook Marketplace to contact seller directly.

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1924 Packard Single Eight Model 136 Sport Model No. 246.

Note: This is one of the rarest, most sought early Classic Era Packards, the Sport Models are four passenger style with a lower, narrower body different from the regular Touring models.

'24 Packard 136 Sport TX aa.jpg

'24 Packard 136 Sport TX b.jpg

'24 Packard 136 Sport TX a.jpg

'24 Packard 136 Sport TX d.jpg

'24 Packard 136 Sport TX e.jpg

'24 Packard 136 Sport TX f.jpg

'24 Packard 136 Sport TX g.jpg

'24 Packard 136 Sport TX h.jpg

'24 Packard 136 Sport TX i.jpg

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20 hours ago, trimacar said:

By a factor of at least three, possibly.....

Or four........nice car......but the early year and color are not helping it achieve a high sale price.

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27 minutes ago, John Bloom said:

I would point out to the young men present that the tall awkward girl in the corner drinking punch........her daddy is president of the bank.....

There’s something to be said for that.  

Living in New Orleans in the 1970’s, I was dating a very nice girl who was cute, but not overly so.  We were making plans for a weekend, and she said “Let’s go to Avery Island and ride horses”.  (Those of you who don’t know, Avery Island is home to the McIlhenney family and Tabasco sauce).


I looked at her and said, well, sounds nice, but I know for a fact they don’t rent horses on Avery Island.


”Don’t be silly”, she responded, “My grandmother owns the place!”  

That did sort of explain her fine family home on St. Charles and the two Rolls Royce cars in the garage!

No, I didn’t end up with her, but that’s another story....

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