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Daytona Turkey Run AKA Turkey Rod Run

George Cole

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Anyone going to the Daytona Turkey Run, formerly known as the Spring Turkey Rod Run, or the Daytona Spring Spectacular.  It's 26-28 March and takes the entire infield of the 2.5 mile Daytona Speedway.  The spring meet historically has been a little smaller than the one held on Thanksgiving week, but with all the closures over the past year, it's expected to be better than ever.




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We enjoyed 30 years of the fall Turkey Rod Run in Daytona.   From the High School to Ormand Beach to

the Airport and finally to the Daytona Speedway, it was always an adventure.   In the beginning there were

two shows, the Street Rods and the Antique Cars.  The Rods cruised the boulevards and the Antiques raced

on the beach.   After the historic Ormond Beach Garage ("The Birthplace of Speed") burned down, the combined shows moved the airport where the swap meet grew really big.   

The Daytona Beach Street Rod Club made a deal to move it all to the Daytona Speedway and the Antique Car

group balked and two separate shows returned.    The Speedway Show offered a area for the antiques in the

infield and a lot of antique cars and most of the hit & miss engine guys chose the Speedway.

We would participate in both, the Antique Car Night Parade in Ormond Beach was fun as well as Cruising the Boulevard in Daytona Beach.   The 5000 vehicle show and the giant Swap Meet in the Speedway was always

a hit as well as the much smaller Antique Car Show in Ormond.  We would always register a car in the Speedway Show to get parking inside the Speedway infield, close to the swap meet.   Two days for the Swap Meet and Saturday for the two car shows.   Bought a lot of parts and supplies and sold a few cars in the Car Corral.   For the wives, there was a big Mall across from the Speedway and Christmas shopping would begin for them while we were buying car stuff,  It made a long fun Thanksgiving weekend.

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