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Pictures - '58 Roadmaster - on the road at last

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Seeing that the summer Buick meets are gone again, I'm posting some pics of my completed 58 Roadmaster. It starts, runs and drives smoothly and quietly. Partial list: new, correct interior, factory-style seatbelts, all options work, new tires, powder-coated wheels, rebuilt suspension, fresh steering parts, rebuilt generator, fuel pump, water pump, new hoses and belts, Carter 4-barrel, new voltage reg, fresh engine harness, rebuilt windshield wiper/washer motor and pump, rebuilt speedo, speakers front and rear with factory fader, and lots of rechroming.


It's by no means a perfect car, but it's a pretty rare Buick that has been preserved for another generation of Buick enthusiasts. 


Bill in Luray, VA












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Bill ... almost speechless what a creamy drive on 58 wheels your have.  Just like a breath of fresh air or shall we say Buick's Aire ride and diamond grill for 58 ??  ... Oh and yes the meet is gone for the summer and too all dressed up and no place to go but hey, if anything taught us this past year to date is no mask, no distancing, no alcohol cleanup and just plain old denial and/or political posturing has cost us some 525,000 lives since last March.  Stay smart, embrace science and stay safe till this is over in a couple more years .... uncle dave

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Thanks to all above who replied! I am not receiving the email notifications of replies to my post! I have to check and see why that is. I'll post some more replies tonight.


While I'm here ... a question. I tested the windshield wipers (Cam-o-Matic) a few weeks back and they worked OK, somewhat. (Motor is good, a Ficken rebuild.) I was getting a sharp clicking noise on the drivers's side. I pulled the dash cover and tested again. Noise was coming from the aux transmission in front of the driver. At top speed the wipers worked smoothly, no noise. At lower speeds, this click occurred once for every pass. Cables seem tight. Something is sticking and then letting go. Is there anything to be greased? Thoughts welcome.


Again, sorry about the late response. Have to check my account.


Bill in Luray

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On 3/13/2021 at 8:58 PM, Bill Shields said:

Test of notification system.

I don't know that you would receive notifications unless you are tagged like this - @Bill Shields, or are quoted, or follow it.  Can one follow their own post?  I don't know. 


Anyway, great car!

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17 minutes ago, lancemb said:

Can one follow their own post?  I don't know.


You can, but it is manual. you must go up to the top right of the thread and click the follow button and then there will be some options on how much contact you would like.

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Follow up on the wipers. The Product Service Bulletins pointed me in the right general direction - the assembly outside the body. Turns out the spanner nut holding down the cam assembly was not tightened down. The wiper blade rides on the cam and the looseness allowed it to wobble. That effect is transmitted to the cable mechanism. I don’t think the cam business was one of Buick’s better ideas.

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