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Fat Man steering wheel


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My 1921 Haynes has an interesting steering wheel. It slides up out of the way. I’ve seen others that swing down out of the way. 
Were these made by the manufacturers or were they an aftermarket, dealer installed option? 
Just curious to learn more about it as it’s a super cool feature! 



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Car dealers used to have a well equipped accessory department along side the parts department. Accessories were not built in at the factory like today, they were installed by the dealer. Heaters, radios, seat covers, mirrors, chrome dressup accessories, oil filters and many other items were available.

Your wheel may be a dealer installed option but if it was would most likely have the car company name on it.

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On 3/8/2021 at 5:34 PM, pkhammer said:

 I think "Fat Man steering wheel" is very insensitive in this day and age. It should be called "weight challenged steering wheel" or "large person steering wheel". 😁

I believe even making such a comment is insensitive to guys like me who are both caloric and gravitationally challenged. Political correctness ends when the well fed person tries to get into the drivers side door of my 1923 DB Roadster, and their source of politically correct offense hangs up on the door sill. They may say something like “Danged fat butt”..........

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