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Turtle deck lid identification


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It might even fit a 1913, but I sort of don't think so? It should fit 1914 through 1922 Model T Ford runabouts. I recently spent a couple days fixing mine for my 1915. Mine was in worse condition, and took a lot of straightening and brazing to look decent. The latch handles came in two styles. Forged (round material bent) and flat (flat steel stock cut). Forged were on earlier cars 1914 to about 1920, flat style was used beginning about 1918 through 1922. Both styles were used for a couple full years. The escutcheon/bases of the latch were brass in the first few years on some cars, and steel on others (depending upon body manufacturer providing the turtle deck). All of the bases were steel in the later years. Hinges on the forward end of the lid are often broken or missing (both of mine were cracked).

The extra holes in the middle of the latch end probably held a padlock hasp at some time. Those turtle decks had no way of locking them originally.

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