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For Sale, 1946 WD15 $15K

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Nearly 100% original, this truck has a 230 flathead from a 58 D100 currently, however I have the original engine disassembled to be rebuilt. The previous owner also added 6V windshield wipers, however I rebuilt the vacuum motors and have them. There is a second rebuilt but never installed 3 spd transmission. The previous owner did a restore, but the paint job is a definite 10 foot paint job. The electrical was rewired with a reproduction wiring harness and everything works. The gauges were rebuilt I am told, and function perfectly. I have a folder with the documentation he kept.


All original sheet metal with no rust.


When I tore down the original motor it had very little wear. The cam shows no lobe wear and the cylinders had maybe a .005 ridge. I believe the OD is accurate at around 65K.


I have a lot of extra parts, including a Mopar Deluxe Model heater I completely rebuilt and put a new motor in, a 1945 California license plate (and 46 tag), extra bell housing and other misc parts.


There is an axle seal leaking on the rear end, drivers side and the brake stick at first on the passenger side front.





almost done bottom.jpg

plate hidden.jpg



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