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Fabricated disk for 1923 Dodge 4 Cylinder distributed drive.

Jack Bennett

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Some time ago the generator drive gear on the external shaft which drives the oil pump, distributer and generator on my 1927 Willys Knight A-70 coach failed. Without this gear the generator is no longer connected to the drive shaft, and no longer works. I queried the members of the WOKR forum and they put me in touch with Gene Potts, who agreed to fabricate, and sell one to me. The original gear is made of some sort of hard fiber, and destroys itself with age.I expected Gene to duplicate my destroyed fiber gear with another made from the same material. But, he didn’t! He exactly duplicated the gear, but his was made of leather, rather than the hard fiber material. Gene explained to me that the leather was much more durable, and ran much quieter than the fiber gears. And, there was no readily available source to duplicate the fiber today.

Now my project is a 1923 Dodge, and the distributer drive shaft is linked to the water pump, which is driven by the engine timing gear, through use of a rinky-tink fiber U-Joint also. The one which came with the car was already cracked in several places, and literally fell apart as I bolted it in place. I have a fiber replacement for that connector also, but it is nearly 100 years old and has started cracking  too. So, taking a lead from Gene, using a Forsner bit set and a old weight lifting belt, I fabricated two of the connectors, and now have the ability to make a endless number more.

This is not written with the expectations that everyone has a 1927 Willys with a failed generator gear, or even a 1923 Dodge Roadster with a bad distributor shaft connector. Rather, it is meant to say......It was Gene’s idea, I stole it, and now it belongs to anyone who has a antique car and needs something like this to brighten their day.



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Nice ingenuity.

This is the type of thinking that should be practiced and commended.

Get a good job done on your own .


I keep a supply of all kinds of leather(lots factory shaft drive pulley stuff) belting on hand for various home repairs..and auto use.



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