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WTB '29 Chrysler 65 11:43 rear differential gear&pinion

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I'm looking for to my 1929 Chrysler model 65 a longer rear differential 11:43 teeth ring and pinion set.

A worn or rusted is good for me, I can reproduce them. Or a correct blueprint could be a big help also.

 Picture is illustration.

chrysler diff.jpg

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Aron and Ligurian, according to the parts book the ring and pinion will interchange between the Model 65 and model 72, but not the carrier assembly.

 The ratio that Aron has is 11:43 or 3,9 to one. The parts book does not list a ratio of 3,9 to one for the Model 65, so either Aron's car has a replacement rear axle assembly, or his car is not a model 65.

I think Aron needs to tell us what the Fedco number is on the dashboard of his car, and the motor number, to properly identify his car, before he ends up buying and shipping parts that will not fit.

 Chrysler diffs/rear axles changed a lot during the early years, and I have had lots of fun locating a correct carrier assembly for my G70, so don't assume anything without checking very carefully.




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