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'46 Chrysler paint code

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Good afternoon,

I am putting fender skirts on my '46 Chrysler and having them painted by a friend at an auto body shop. I also would like to keep a little for touch up. I have heard that originally it was a lacquer that they used. They are having difficulty getting a modern code; would anyone have a good Ditzler or Dupont formula suggestion? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Robt


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 I have called my paint manufacturer many times in order to get a match for paint on older cars.

 The trouble is, that older paint colors can not be made now, because the tinting colors are no longer available.

 The best they can do is give you a paint number that is the closest match that can be mixed nowadays.


 A good painter MAY, be able to tint it to a closer match and maybe add a flatting base to make it look presentable.


 Be prepared to pay $$$ for a few hours of tinting and spray outs.

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