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This winter in Michigan I have not been able to do much on my 1938 Zephyr sedan.  She needs a lot of work and with the loss of my trusted mechanic I need to look at other options.  I checked my latest edition of the TWOZ and the LZOC but I don’t see any restorers listed in my vicinity.  Are there any reputable restorers in the Midwest that could do a complete overhaul of my vehicle?  I live just outside of Detroit and I am willing to go a couple hours way to a good shop. Thank you.

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What kind of work do you want done? Mechanical? Cosmetic? Complete restoration?


I can recommend Restorations Unlimited II in Cary, IL. They do good work, but are very busy and the shop is small.




If you just need mechanical work done, check with other LZOC members in the Detroit area to find someone to do the work. Restoration shops are not always the best choice for mechanical work. They will usually take more time to complete the job than a shop that specializes in mechanical work.

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