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Hi Pete,

As long as I’m the buyer for the ‘27 Auburn manual, I would like to double-up on my good luck and and purchase this one too. Any other literature from the 1920s Pre-Classic period ?    Thank you,    -    Carl 

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Glad to know that this manual found its way to a higher purpose ! O.K. From the list you sent me of all the wonderful High Classic Period literature you sent, I would love to have the more humble 1927 Cadillac info booklet. And THAT is to the higher purpose , going to this actual ‘27 Cadillac owner. I consider the great old unusually well preserved, strong unrestored long distance driver, to technically be a Late Pre-Classic automobile. But the lines are not cut that fine, so have had fun among the giants at CCCA. And felt very welcome and appreciated there. Of course I know CCCA would probably wither on an aging vine if not for welcoming shoulder period cars on each end of the age spectrum. I do feel very lucky being included among such wonderful cars, and their gracious friendly owners. Thank you, Pete.       -    Carl 

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  • plk changed the title to SOLD FOR SALE PIERCE ARROW OWNERS MANUAL

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