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Wazzamatterwichoozeguys ? Hey I’m warning you Auburn people for the first and last time : I am going to buy this manual just because I have a different make 1927 car. Would be cool to compare. You can’t find an original manual for this price. Unless you have an Auburn, (thus need this more than I do), this manual is mine. 

plk, if you don’t get that Auburn owner, and are willing to sell to the owner of a 1927  Cadillac, please put me in first position for this bargain if it does not go to a higher Auburn purpose. In other words, they actually must have an Auburn to bump me. O.K. ? I figure the hosses have been lead to water. If they won’t drink, I will.    -    Carl,    Please send P.M. if or when you deem appropriate. Thank you.

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