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For Sale: Late 1920 / Early 1930s headlights


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Late 1920 / Early 1930s headlights


I can’t identify what year/make/model these belong to. 


HL written on them. Broken lens is a CM Hall.


Dented but repairable. Decent rim.


Takes a 3 inch convex lens. (I don’t have).


$30 for the pair + $15 shipping. Or local pickup in Layton, NJ


If you feel like you need to see more or I missed something of importance please let me know and I'll gladly take additional photos to help you make a more well informed decision.

Screenshot_20210304-131150_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20210304-131155_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20210304-131159_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20210304-131230_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20210304-131234_Video Player.jpg

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