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Shetchy PM recieved for parts wanted tip


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I get PMs like this every once in a while.

I just reply "thanks for the tip" and ignore it. I NEVER think it is legit,especially from and from new no content member .


It's funny he "thinks he saw someone post" but he definitely knows a phone number I can text.ūüėé


"I think i saw someone calle Dough74 posted a Floor starter switch '27 Chry. G 70 for sale. You can text him.. Here is His number is 608-561-7362"


P.S. I found a switch.

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I'm still waiting for additional photos from a similar user on the MTFCA site of a carbide generator fitting the person was trying to sell.  Someday he'll send them to me.  In the mean time, I'm holding my phone and my breath.

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