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Engine number on 20's(?) Truck?


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I got pictures from different angles in case it may help.  This engine must've been stamped the Friday before, or the Monday after St Patrick's day.  If anyone can take a guess I'd really appreciate it.  The first digit looks like a 3, but the left loops look like they close and make an 8, which doesn't help.  804854?  There also doesn't seem to be a letter prefix.





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On 3/5/2021 at 11:04 AM, Layden B said:

Maybe this can help determine year of manufacture.20210305_110014.thumb.jpg.a0f8d2648563e35771e183a6fc4f55ca.jpg20210305_110618.thumb.jpg.627aae24d4131813731ae6ae2dfba37d.jpg20210305_110513.thumb.jpg.22b1be8e7e46291ce2c4e10c3e3be2f1.jpg20210305_110457.thumb.jpg.5ab4eaecc1022b99ebafff1945f5fefb.jpg20210305_105935.thumb.jpg.06e1723bd621d68237ca6f07fbd0d302.jpg

Its a bummer that for the trucks they indicate the engine and serial number, but only list them by 5 digit serial number.  While cars seem to go by a 6 digit number, which im guessing is the same as the engine number.  The wood "interior" of my truck had been remade at some point and the serial plate is long gone.

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