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1936 Chrysler, not mine.

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Great-looking car, but the ad is sketchy.

It sat 70 years in a shop because of a cracked manifold?

Supposedly original paint on the body is in good shape, but the interior isn't just "fragile"; it's trashed. 

Lots of questions.



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I have pictures of a 57 DeSoto a friend bought that was walled off in a building. A wall was taken down, and the car was on the other side. Police were called, they thought it was a stolen car at some point. Long story short, it is a beautiful car. In amazing original condition. I think it was shown at the DeSoto national meet. No matter what story comes with the 36 Chrysler, you can see it is a solid looking original car. That would be a great one to start with. Does not look like it has been taken apart. Just a respray on the outside. Faded original paint would look good on that car. And might generate more interest.

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I agree the interior is unfortunately shot.  I'm also pretty sure Pebble Beach wouldn't welcome it with open arms.  Oh and that's coming from a former 36 Chrysler Convertible owner.  Alot of Hype in the Ad.  Almost Reads more like a flipper than a regular owner,  but I could be wrong. 

Thats missing tail light is going to run atelast $500 and possibly up to a Grand to have a nice one hanging back in place.  Those lenses and bezels are expensive. 

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