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What's it worth?

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I have a pair of identical 89's, one 16v, the other 8v.  One needs  to go, and I think it will be the 16v 'cause my wife doesn't like to drive a stick. 


In tip-top condition, it has 72k, and is garage kept, with everything working except the A/C. Would drive it anywhere with no reservations. Perfect interior, maint. records from day 1.  No rust at all, teeves works great, a really super  car overall. 

I am thinking about E-Bay, or maybe bring a trailer.  Don't really have to sell, just too many cars and only two of us.  


What do you all think it's worth?  or, will bring??



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If BaT will "accept" your car, which they should, you could crack 5 figures.  EBay can be a real ordeal.  I think our TC's are finally starting to move up in value, especially the 16v cars, so you could justify keeping it as an investment.  As far as what it's worth I agree that less than $8,000 would be close to fire sale territory.  You never know what this post will stir up, as a club member might be interested.  I'd say a fair price would be in the $9,000-$10,000 range.  -  Nile

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Only thing I can think of is mileage - a lot of the vehicles BaT sells have real or even unreal low mileage.  I think the TC they sold in August had very low mileage, but an odometer issue, which is normal for a TC and was sold "true mileage unknown".  From the standpoint of someone who likes to actually use his toys, I'd much rather buy a 30 year old car that has been driven a couple of thousand miles a year than one that has sat idle most of the time.

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1 hour ago, Mark_Blodgett said:

Thank You. Better driven, than dead for 5 or 10 years.

I’ll agree on that, we both know what we got Mark, and that is about 500,000 miles between our 2 cars. And they still perform like new.

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And these TC's for sale at high prices have been for sale at the same dealerships for YEARS!  If you want to see the real selling prices just look them up on Ebay and then go down the left side menu for 'completed items'.  You will see high priced TC's as completed auctions with no sale, or if they show as sold you will see them relisted over and over again and completed as sold each time. The actually sold TC's will normally run in the 2500 to 3500 range for ordinary condition and miles, the 3500 to 4500 range for really nice examples, and pristine with low verifiable miles anywhere up to 6500 with the perfect ones maybe getting to 8500. The ones that have bad paint, lousy leather, and running/brake issues go from 500 to 1500 depending on how bad they are. 16 valve get the highest values, 8 valve are next and the v6 (which I prefer for daily driving) are at the bottom of values. Color combo and location play a huge part in sales of these cars, the combo a buyer is looking for, in a location close to them, will bring more money than the combo that is 'settled for' or has to be shipped. 

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Thanks to everyone for all their input, it helped me greatly decide on a market value for my TC. I will be offering it to this forum and the TC club first in case there is any interest before it goes on EBay.  If you know someone interested, let them know!!


Pictures will be forthcoming-watch for the offering here....

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There seems to be some questions concerning the authenticity and validity of this vehicle.

The photos listed  in THIS POST ONLY are several years old, they are the ones the previous owner sent to me when we were in the process of negotiating the sale. They were meant to give an idea of what condition the car was in, not an exact one. They were the only ones I had available at the time, the car was in my storage garage in another city under a car cover.  I also noticed that one of the badges were missing, and inquired.  The owners husband told me that she was removing them because she thought they were too show-off, and she didn't want to brag. When I took delivery they were both missing. 


Here are photos of the engine, vin, and original title which should clear up any misconceptions someone might have about the integrity and pedigree of the vehicle. 

The photos in the post regarding selling were hastily snapped before bad weather hit to show what shape it is actually in now, and more will follow.

IMG_2257 (2).JPG


IMG_2259 (2).JPG


IMG_2261 (2).JPG

IMG_2261 (3).JPG

IMG_2262 (2).JPG

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