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Spare tire locks Bumper Lock Wheel Lock ?????


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What a great looking piece of hardware, have never seen anything similar. I'm guessing a spare wheel lock, not sure how it might work. Appears bolt would be separated from gismo by removing lock cylinder and bolt screwed into a wheel lug hole in a spare mounting bracket and when tightened in place, lever put on (secured against hubcap hole) and lock cylinder inserted, key turned and bingo (the spacer washers make this suggestion dubious). Thus cannot be removed without key. Since all wheels have different diameter hubcap hole, different lug sizes, etc, likely for a very specific car. The Perro Machine & Foundry Co in Cleveland OH might spark a model application. Now if I could tell you what it fit you'd have to pay me! 

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LOL! Thanks thats what I am thinking a accessory lock the bolt screws in the tire mount holder and the dome covers the bolt so it cannot be removed,I have two others with keys that open the chrome dome to gain access to the bolt. was hoping someone had it on a car to ID it. Cheers and Thanks fore the Info

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