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Riviera 1965 Engine and Pistons

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I have a problem with identifying my engine because I have the number 1185485 on the engine, which means 401, but after disassembling the engine, the pistons have a size of 4.09. I need new bigger pistons but I don't know where to find one. I do not know what this engine block is and where the difference comes from. .


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Its a 364, head castings not much meaning. whats the stamp below the left side of the thermostat housing? ...a couple letters maybe scrape some paint. Dont be discouraged yet, theres some mutants out there with hi-po parts



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Are there any other stamps on the valley pan surface that you have pictured above? Thinking the 3F may be the identifier which indicates a 1959 364. The piston part number seems to match up to a 364 based on internet search as well as the head number comes up as 364/401/425.


Go to Teambuick.com  tons of Buick engine numbers

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