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My DA – a Milestone

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Well, it’s not finished yet, but a big milestone that I thought I should share as a thank you to everyone on this forum. Your advice and inspiration, not to mention bits and pieces from various people have been much appreciated. Will write up a story later when it is actually on the road.

The DA is now largely finished except for the interior. It will soon be going to the motor trimmer to have that rectified.

Two days ago, the wheels touched the ground (it was on a trolley) for the first time since about 1989. Today was my first drive, not far, but I did manage to get second gear. Was I impressed? Too right! Was I comfortable with the accelerator between the brake and clutch? Scared hell out of me maneuvering in the driveway!! I think that may take a bit of getting used to. Did I celebrate with a beer afterwards? No, I had a couple!!!

I bought the DA Dodge 50 years ago, so I am nowhere near as quick as Matt, or probably anyone else for that matter.

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our 36th. wedding anniversary, and I was reminded that on our honeymoon in Mount Gambier, I left Vicki in the motel room while I visited a mate, to go for a drive in his DA.

Yes, DAs and I go back a bit.




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How cool is this?

Great Job John, all credit to you. You will spend many happy hours polishing, driving, fixing, driving, fixing, driving. It is an addiction so don’t fight it. We look forward to seeing you in Mannum in September for the DBCA tweenie.

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Well done! She's beautiful! I bought my DA 50 years ago too. I have to remember to wear tennis shoes and not clunky hiking boots as when I press on the brake many times I'll be revving it up w/ the gas pedal at the same time.


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Well done John and hats off to you. She looks beautiful it must feel great getting her to that stage. Bet you can’t wait to take it for a drive down the road. 
Im imagining docs DA will look very similar to yours but in the tourer version. Pretty sure we are doing the same colour combinations you have with the black beading around the top. 
looks great. 

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