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Late 1930 thru 1933 Studebaker Oval Headlight Question

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Recently purchased a complete Tiltray Oval headlight bucket with TiltRay lens. I have not ( and right now would rather not ) dis-assembled to get any TiltRay part numbers from my purchase. I am trying to determine if this will fit my 1933 Model 56. 

My chassis parts manual lists 4 different Studebaker part numbers from late ‘30 through ‘33 for the various models of Dictator, Commander, President and Model 54-56. Three Different manufacturers are referenced:


Tilt Ray


Stab-I-Lite ( which is listed for my car )


I have ‘heard’ that there were 2 different sizes of these oval headlight assemblies — possibly the ‘larger’ ( physical dimensions of Height and or Width ) used on some President and Commander cars, and another for the others. This may or may not be true.


 Same Stude part number as my 1933 Model 56 coupe ( #256930W ) was used on 1933 Model 73 ( ‘33 Commander), and Models 82 and 92 (‘33 President). But this part number is for a Stab-I-Lite assembly


Can anyone answer this question?

STUDEREX ..... if you are out there I am fairly sure you can answer this.


Thanks all,



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1931 president and commander used tilt ray until the last month of production than used glo lite.. 1932 and 33 used stabilite and glo lite.  Sorry never researched the details on models and when the change happened.  Maybe Quinn has the details.  Easy way to spot 31 from 32/33 is the 31 is a split rim with a medalion on the bottom covering the split.  31 large and 32/33 smaller.  see photos



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What about the Height and width dimensions? Are they the same for the ‘31 Tiltray buckets as for the 32-33 Glolite and Stabilite buckets?. I measured a Tiltray I have ... with the lens and trim ring installed it measures appx 12-1/2 Tall and 9-1/2 Wide



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