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For Sale: Complete 1969 Buick 430 Engine and TH400 Transmission in Memphis, TN (USA)

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  1. 430 Engine Block (Casting #1383424) (Engine Production Code “RD 217” indicates 360 HP with 475 Torque and 10.25:1 CR.)  Rings are stuck from sitting-up too long.  It will need to be rebuilt. 
  2. Intake Manifold (Casting #1386003) with 4 Barrel Carb
  3. Left and Right Cylinder Heads (Casting #1231109)
  4. Left Exhaust Manifold (Casting #1383549) and Right Exhaust Manifold (Casting #1383648)
  5. TH400 Transmission (Metal Tag indicates “BC-69-94246” which came in 430 Wildcat & Electra)
  6. Price for complete engine and transmission is negotiable.  Come to Memphis and pick it up!


Contact: Jim Moody in Memphis, TN (USA)

Email: jtmoody@fedex.com

Mobile: 901.606.1785 (Central Time Zone) 






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