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1938 Buick Century Tie Rod Ends...


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I just went through this with my 39 46C. 1393395 consists of 2 tie rod ends and 2 tie rod sleeves. According to my Buick Master Parts Chassis List years 1940-1962 this part number will interchange with 1938-1940 40-50-60-70 series and 1941-42 60-70-90 series plus 1946-52 70 series. My Master Parts Chassis List years 1928-1941 has part number 13144791 left which will interchange with 1938-1941 40- 50- 60 series and part number 1314790 right will interchange with 1938-1941 40-50-60 series. There is a cosmetic difference between 1393395 and the earlier types. 1393395 has a 1 piece rubber dust cover covering the ball socket; the tie rods from the earlier part number has a metal 2 piece dust cover plus a rubber ring to secure metal dust covers over the ball socket. Both styles will work on your 38 Century, but if you're a stickler for detail use your salvaged metal dust covers instead of the 1 piece metal boot supplied in the newer kit.  Also the tie rods in 1393395 have the zerc fittings on the same side and there is no right or left. I was surprised by that so I unsealed 2 nos Buick boxes 1393395 I had and both kits were identical. I had a set of unopened Moog tie rods with the earlier metal dust covers and they were definitely right and left with the zerc fittings on the opposite sides. Thanks Leif  

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