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Thank you, Hagerty


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I got a phone call from Hagerty today.   Seems that I forgot to pay my annual premium by last week's renewal date.

In my (weak) defense, I saw the invoice and thought I had it on auto-pay.  Apparently not so.


The gentleman said we could take care of it right away, retro back to last week, and continue on in good shape.


I'd like to think that other providers that you use would do the same thing - at least in our collector car insurance arena.


Homeowners and healthcare perhaps not so much.

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In the midst of dealing with my father’s situation the policy even cancelled once for a few days and JC Taylor took care of it. I was going back and forth from Oregon to Texas and it slipped though the cracks. 

It has been my experience that all insurance policies do have a grace period though. 

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