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Three Buick's for sale 1926, not mine.

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  • Xander Wildeisen changed the title to Three Buick's for sale 1926, not mine.

Yeah that kid has been trying to sell those for his dad for 5 years. 1-2 are Masters.    They are located in southeast Iowa.  I have not gone to see them but had a lengthy conversation with him.  Basically dad was a hoarder that grabbed cars cheap as they became available and has pole sheds and outside areas full of cars.  Bought a 2nd car to help restore the Master Six.  Has boxes of parts. Etc, same old story.  I am no longer in the hobby or else I would at least throw $5000 at them take it or leave it. Master Six Buicks of this era are pretty neat.  I would take one over some other more expensive options such as a Cadillac or Peerless to be honest.  Just as stylish or more stylish, wheelbases just as long as many Peerless, Packards or junior Pierces.  


But I don't have the facility to tear one down and rebuild and it would cost me about a $1,000 to move what these folks have a few hundred miles.  With the restoration hobby all but dead I don't see these cars ever moving.  The kid will inherit and do nothing. 

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