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Stewart Warner Vacuum Tank Fittings

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Some clarification on thread sizes.  I've read many posts on this forum about these vacuum tanks and their fittings being standard NPT pipe threads available in many places.  My 1928 Chrysler has a tank model 216-U and I was looking for a fitting for the bottom of the tank going to the carburetor.  This tank only has the gas line hole, no drain hole.  The thread size is supposed to be 3/8, and 3/8 does thread into the hole but it's not a snug fit, there is some wobble.  Is Teflon tape or some other thing to be used to take up the slack?

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This appears to be the answer.  However the 1/8 NPT threads on the bottom of the tank I believe are the result of an adapter being used in one or both of those openings making the thread size smaller.  Can someone confirm?

V Tank Top.jpg

V Tank Bottom.jpg

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