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Vacation in Cazenovia NY

Laura S

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I know our Franklin club has cancelled the Franklin Trek for 2021. I can understand the reasoning of the College and the Board and all the preparations that go with it.  This virus has been a PITA to say the least. I went to Cazenovia last October to drop off some things to Patrick Reeve . We stayed at the Brewster and had dinner there. Absolutely no problems . Everyone had there masks on as required by the State of NY .  All businesses were open . I know John Rendemonti and his wife went there at the scheduled time of the Trek last year.   This year I am going to go to Cazenovia at the time of the scheduled 2021 Trek no matter what. I will be staying at the Hampton Inn.  I am bringing my 31 and driving around stopping at different areas . Parks, Waterfalls, Antique shops , nice country roads , whatever comes up . I do not want to be the “leader “ of anything just want to have fun in my Franklin.  Any thoughts ? Regards Jim Bockin 

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