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Rare Holsman Transaxle gears and Chain

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Well ...for folks lucky enough to have a Holsman,  this might come as some relief.  I had to repair mine but found manufacturers had MINIMUMS...and hence I have a few left to sell.  I know that there might be changes in standards so I am trying to be as specific as possible .   We might also be making forward and reverse drive pulleys and other parts if interested in the future.  Gears and Chain are Type 55, 5/8" pitch.




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JFranklin, I may be wrong, but I believe these parts are for the chain drive from the engine to the jackshaft that drives the rope to the rear wheels. They may also be part of the transmission such as it was, or 'speed selector' as some early cars called it.

The illustration shown has the rope drive pulleys on the outer ends of the jackshaft. The ones labeled "Forward gear pully" drive the rope that goes around the inside of the rear wheels for forward motion. The ones labeled "Reverse gear Pully" press against the rear wheels reversing the direction. The jackshaft always runs in the forward direction, and moves forward and backward to engage the gears/directions. Moving forward tightens the rope, moving backwards presses the small wheels against the rear wheels.

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Wayne ...you are absolutely correct.  The connection between the Engine and jackshaft  (transaxle) was never a rope...It was always a chain to be able to shift the gears.   The rope,  (or chain wrapped cord) was always from the large forward drive pulley to the pulley mounted onto the rear high wheel (rear high wheel, with pulley, is not shown).

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