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Production of this car (76S) was 3921. Large coupe with the 320 cu in engine. I believe this is a fair price and the people who know these car will not let this go unsold very long. Downside is low production means some parts are unobtanium. It would be worth the trip to drive there, as it is not far from Monterey (great town). Ken Green, this will fit in your driveway. 

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I had one.  I was awfully tempted to work on it, but heck, I needed diversity and room on my driveway so I sold it.  I bought a 1940 76C on eBay about two years ago.  When I picked the car up, he offered the Roadmaster coupe for free.  I sold the coupe to Dave Tacheny and the 76C has been a great donor car.




This is it above.  It was as rust free as you could get, see the photo below.  Even the tool tray way solid. It was factory or dealer undercoated.


The dash was gone and the engine was frozen.


The exhaust manifold was cracked, darn it.


Now for the possible shocking news, I got $2K for it and I was totally OK with that.  I turned around and gave all of it to Greg for other parts that I needed.  I heard that the guy that bought it from Dave has it siting in his yard collecting leaves, mice and rust.


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