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Metz chain guards


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Yes, the chain covers are almost always missing. I suspect that after a few removals for servicing the chain they were discarded as being "too much trouble" to re-install.

I have shaken my head when I peruse the For Sale Ads, in recent years, of Metz cars which have received expensive restorations and the chain covers along with other guards or covers are Missing. Big money for Completely and Authenticity restored cars. 

Buyer Beware and Do Your Research.






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These chain guards are a work in progress.  Fortunately I had one original to use as a pattern.  I will have to make mounting brackets and the flexible strip for lubrication.

I had a local shop make the guards using the same process as the original.  The seams are made by crimping the edges together.



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I have traced a pattern of a chain guard onto brown paper.   Will mail to anyone who requests them.  I will also send photos of an original to show hardware needed to install.



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