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SOLD 1989 Training Tapes in Factory Boxes SOLD SOLD

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I have 3 of these sets. 25.00 each plus shipping. I have not watched them but I assume you will see mechanics using sledgehammers on the ABS system.

That is just a guess but I have been wrong before.


Note how the brake system is on the list of what they had in there. Little did they know how much fun these would be later.


I must have gotten these at the dealership where I was buying parts. Pretty cool though. The letters included are nice....100.00 for extra ones? I'd say that was rather expensive for 1988!


Send a PM for more info on shipping







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Since it's not April 1st, I'll go for it.  I'll buy a set for the $25 plus shipping.  Cheapest way is fine. My zip is 14870.  Send me a pm so we can arrange $ and shipping.  Thanks Marty - Nile

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