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2021 Vintage Tour

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Even with an uncertain future, I am gathering information for the Tour. I am compiling a list of members that want to attend. When information becomes available, I will forward information to you. All I need is your contact information, preferably an Email. Tour will be limited to 40 cars.

Bob Giles


2021 Vintage Tour ad copy.jpg

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Bob and all:  I hope you have a wonderful tour in a pretty location, please post some photos, for those of us who are missing it.


Good luck and stay safe, Gary

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Penn DOT gave us a wake up call with a 10 mile detour with 1 mile being a 15 % downgrade. Most everybody took it in stride and made it to the bottom. A few chose an alternate route and joined us later. Heavy rain last night added some driving challenges.


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6 hours ago, Bob Giles said:

Heavy rain last night added some driving challenges.

Sounds like the last vintage tour but that time it was during the day. If the boarders were open we would have joined in on this tour Bob. Looks and sounds like your having a blast.

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Looks like everybody had a great time -

and many thanks to Bob, Patti, and all who worked to make the 2021 Vintage Tour a success,

especially in the face opf so many obstacles.


So sorry we had to cancel, and miss the tour,

but our Correct Vintage-Era (Pre-1932) car, the 1915 Hudson Six-40 Phaeton wasn't proven or ready,

and I just didn't feel right driving an out-or-era car on an AACA National Tour.


I did note a modern (non-era-correct) VW pickup truck apparently substituted for something else, 

and could probably have used our '37 Buick,

but it just didn't feel right for me to skirt the intent of the tour since I was on the committee,

under the late AACA President Janet Ricketts, when we created the Vintage Tour.


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