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Split manifold

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Today I fitted a split manifold to my victory six sedan. Using the original manifold you can cut through the middle of the intake and exhaust. The intake stays sealed and you have to weld up the exhaust side. I used a couple of 6mm plates and welded them in with stainless steel wire. 
Pete put me onto doing this and I’ve also done it on the roadster. 
After taking the sedan for a run it definitely has more power going up hills. Don’t really notice much of a change just cruising or taking off from a stop. I took it up a hill that I always go up in the victory and it basically kept a steady speed but I noticed after the manifold split it could actually accelerate up the hill with ease. 
the temperature difference is quite incredible. The exhaust runs around 300c and the intake is around 50-60c. So that has to be better for our modern day fuels I think. 









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3 minutes ago, gundog99 said:

This looks like finally solving the problem of fuel evaporation. I wonder if the 2249 Senior manifold could be modified the same way?

I’m sure it probably could. Have you got any pictures of one. 

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It would make it a lot easier to adjust the tappets hot with only having to remove the inlet manifold!

Plus maybe the benefit of cooler running on a hot day!

Might be worth thinking about. I have to dig out my spare manifold.

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2 hours ago, aunty norm said:

Don't cars always run great on the flat! But have really trouble tackling steep hills?

Or they run better in the night or the rain!

I know one thing, they make me pull my hair out with the their problems.

The victory has always run really well just a little better now. 
I think your going to notice a big difference in yours now Terry that you’ve got that timing sorted. 

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