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Here’s a short story, my customers place. I saw something in the creek bed. Asked if I could dig it up. He said sure. So we did, still have fenders to dig up. Enjoy the pics. I need one other extra cab part. It was missing.  And yes there were two there, one truck and a Chevy 5 window, that’s the cowl in the pic too. Thanks for having me. 






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Look at that tree in the last picture!   And the moss/lichen!

Looks like the environment would be good for growing wood but not preserving it after its been harvested for use

Sorry but I couldn't help myself.


What are you going to do with the steel?

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That is a great find and score !  I thought those days were over, ha !  In 68 thru' 70 there were old cars and pieces of old cars all over Texas around the Ft. Worth region. Fun days !


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