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antique automobile magazines, old car news, chuck wagon news, skyliner publications

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Cheryl:  People usually show little interest, sorry to say,

in car club magazines.  The magazines, when taken to

automotive flea markets and priced nominally (say 50

cents apiece), might see a handful sold.


The "Chuck Wagon News" is the newsletter of the

AACA's Hershey Region.  You might phone the Hershey

Region (in Penna.) and see if they would like their old

newsletters donated.  The AACA national office

at (717) 534-1910 could give you some contact 

information for them.


I don't suppose the AACA would want old

copies of the AACA magazine, but you could 

ask them--at (717) 534-1910 once again. 


The Skyliner magazines might have some desirability

to someone in that club.  You could contact that club

by checking on the internet.


People have suggested putting a few copies in your

local barber shop, or in a retirement home.

The direct answer:  They are not worth anything.

I'm always happy to bear good news, but I want

to be practical and realistic for you as well!


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In the past few years, I moved across country. I had acquired almost 25 years worth of various car magazines, including Antique Automobile. I first tried to sell them, then tried to give them away, and eventually just had to re-cycle them. Sad to say, I could not even give them away. Good luck on finding a home for your magazines. 



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Antique Automobile does have some minor value, especially if a complete run of a long stretch of years. It is of no interest to the veterans in the hobby, as they all probably have their own. But it may interest someone just starting out. I know I myself bought at least three guys' accumulations of old magazines when I first started going to car shows years ago. I didn't pay much for them, but they weren't garbage either,  I was glad to have them to read and educate myself. I wouldn't want any now, though. If you know some younger guy who just bought their first vintage car, the magazines would make a nice gift. Otherwise put them on Craigslist at a very token price and see if someone comes for them.  If you still have them a few months later, then donate them to a nursing home. The other titles... I would have recycled them already by now. 

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I had some luck with the Craigslist "Free" listing for the decades of Old Cars Weeklies" I had saved.   A fellow saw the listing, lived about 45 miles away, called, drove here and I loaded up his Jeep Cherokee full of them!  Only left enough space for the driver!   He was delighted to get them, he and his young son were just getting into older cars.   Since its free to list them, sign on there and give it a try.   Otherwise, copies to doctor and dentist waiting rooms, barber shops, retirement homes, anywhere people have to wait will appreciate something to read.  The other suggestions given are good advice too.,  Good luck with your clear out.  Recycling is the last resort, give the other ideas a try first. 

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Not to be negative but I have personally been involved in the liquidation of several estates that contained large quantities of this type of literature along with many other older "newsstand" type auto magazines that were popular in the past.  I hated to see it all thrown away so I saved a few boxes here & there of what I thought was the more interesting stuff to take to swap meets to sell cheap but I had no success whatsoever. The bottom line was there was no interest in any of it, it's more trouble than it's worth, and if I were you I would take those heavy boxes of paper straight to the recycle bin. If I'm ever involved in any more estate clean-ups in the future I will toss all the similar publications without hesitation. I'm just relating my personal experiences, I hope you make the right decision and maybe you will have better luck than I did trying to dispose of it. 



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2 hours ago, greenie said:

Me thinks the folks on the cover of the Chuck Wagon News are largely responsible for that week we know as the Fall Meet. That one should be saved!


If you're a member of the Hershey Region AACA,

you may know that the Chuck Wagon News of those

years is basically a photo album showing local members

participating in club events and eating at restaurants.

Those issues might interest region members, and

only region members.


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We are from Hershey and my dad was a member for many years.  

I will list on Craigslist in PA.  My dad was a 50s ford guy.  52/53 and 57 and 59 retracts, hence the sky liners.  Many of the issues have notes on the front page for why he saved them.  Convertible top repair for his convertible, etc.  Maybe if I explain, someone would be interested.  Probably only about 6 boxes worth.  


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