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Tail support cable on 57 Pontiac Station wagon


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The end of one of the cables has come loose from  inside the body.  I can see the pully above next to the rear quarter panel but I cannot see where the end of the cable hooks to.  Is a recoil spring or a counter weight?  How do I get to it?  My cable end has a loop at the end.

I have a 1957 Pontiac Service Manual which supposedly covers the body but it does not even mention station wagon.

I assume all GM station wagons of this era work the same.


Tom O

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While i don't have Knowledge of this actual piece or repair,  I sold alot of NOS parts and in looking those up you are correct,  that I would bet other GM wagons have the same mechanism. I would search google for repairing a 57 Chevy wagon one.  I imagine it should pull something up that will help as there are alot more of those wagons still out there. 

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