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Mystery....Signal Lamps....can anyone identify?(pic attached)


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I have been unable to identify these and have stumped many automobile


Could you give me any ideas? Thanks for Looking!

picture in attachment

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Guest BruceW

Those lights are aftermarket accessory turn signals for a Model A Ford. The lights mount on the cowl in place of the cowl lights. There should be a lens with the arrows on both sides of the units so that the signals can be seen from both the front and rear. They are some of the "Unofficial Accessories" produced by aftermarket sources abd not available through Ford.

I have a picture of these same lights with the original turn signal lever in the Accessory Department of my "Friends of the Model A Ford" web site here:


(5th and 6th pictures down on the page)

Would you be interested in selling them? if so, please drop me an email and let me know.

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Guest BruceW


Actually speed equipment is one area that I may be short on.. But sure would like to include some. The page is intended to grow with any contributions that people want to make. If you have any Model A Ford accessory speed equipment pics and information I would be glad to make a page in the accessory department for it.

Don't forget to check out the Gallery as it contains Model A Ford vehicles from around the US and the world.

And please sign the Guest Book!

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