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Help Identifying Dole Pump/Valve


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I'm looking for help in identifying this part - it's roughly 6 inches long and it came in a lot of late 20's Buick parts but no idea if it is automotive or what it is.  It does seem to function as a manual pump though I'm not sure for what.  Marked as Dole



DSC_0961 (2).JPG

DSC_0962 (2).JPG

DSC_0963 (2).JPG

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56 minutes ago, TerryB said:

It’s for priming fuel, used a lot on airplanes and

Re: Dole primer's for rumely tractors

Canadian Mclaughlin Buicks also used Dole Primer's for starting in the cold Canadian climate.John

Thanks Terry - I guess that explains why it was with the Buick parts as well.  

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