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1921 Light Six Coil and Condenser Needed - REMY

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You want a Remy 284-A coil.  They come up on eBay often (none currently).  Attached is a picture of one. There are a number of variants of the 284 model which are mostly differences in high tension lead (socket vs clip), base mounting and orientation of the flange mount base. The only issue on the flange mount orientation is it will sometimes put you high tension lead facing 90 degrees one way or another (284-L, 284-D) and you have to wrap the high tension lead to meet it - they will work fine and you'll be the only one that knows. So, if you want the exact model, then a 284-A but some of the others will work also. 


Also, I'm not sure I would use an original NOS condenser from the 1920s as they do degrade with time.  Just get a new one.  I used an Echlin AL869 from NAPA and modified it to fit under the distributor cap. Shortened the wire and made a little grounding bracket to fit in where the original would mount. You can mount it outside the cap and on the distributor housing too.






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I see that the distributor cam in the photo has the flat area for the rotor almost exactly centered on a cam lobe. Now I wonder which of two different cam lobes and rotors I have go with which distributor/car?


Attached photos have two different cams and one rotor - I did not photograph the other rotor but the flat on that one is exactly to the other side of the distributor cap contact.  So the question is: which distributor cam and which rotor is the right combination for the 626-A distributor for an 1921 EJ? I thought it was the cam and rotor combination to the right . . .


Thanks to all!



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Thanks.  Now I have to find a good correct rotor. Seems like all the ones I have are incorrect. Anyone know a part number? Boy - I don't know what I would do without this forum and the great knowledge of you guys.

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I have a spare I’ll give up. Just PM me an email and we’ll get it figured out.

BTW “edinmass” on this forum can test a coil for you if you find one on eBay. He graciously offered that up to forum members.

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