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1929 Stutz 8 Sedan ... value?

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A friend of mine has this 1929 Stutz sedan.  It's a solid original car that had paint, chrome, and upholstery done maybe 30 - 40 years ago.  It has been used lightly since then and kept in good mechanical shape.


My friend is at that age where he's thinking about parting with a car or two and this one would be a possibility but he's uncertain of its value.  Does anyone want to suggest a reasonable asking price in US dollars?  The car came from the Seattle, WA, area and has been in British Columbia for about 40 years.  


I'm neither a Stutz guy nor a Classic guy so I'll throw out a completely uneducated guess:  $45000 USD.   Would that be a reasonable asking price?













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Depends how long he wants to take selling it.  I think it will probably find a home somewhere in the 30k range. 


On the plus side it is a Stutz.  On the minus side it is a short wheelbase standard open quarter sedan with a much older restoration.


This is a BB and not as nice, but the same body which sold for $12,500 at auction this fall.  It was bought by a dealer who doubled the price.



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I agree with the above.....but think mid to upper 30’s, if your patient.  I also predict when Covid is totally over a lot of cars are going to come on the market in the prices are gonna drop rather quick. 

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Great cars - you can haggle a little on price, but not sure I would let that get in my way as if you want a nice stutz (which this appears to very much be one) then beggars cannot be choosers as so few exist and not really worth your time to source another as doubt not too many comparable sedans survive that are better than this one  - $42,500 and had better be capable of a hour long drive for that. 




Trippe lamps look to be juniors with all red badge-ing and non- senior brackets (if they have the pointy backshells then you can change a few parts arounfd to make seniors from juniors - ex.  levels/top clip, repro emblems, and source senior brackets. 

There may be two clips missing off back bumper that match those on front bumper ?

Plumbing on intake side of vacuum tank

Grab straps for rear sear are somewhat homemade

Real type cigar lighter is missing and also a dash knob

Most have some sort of adapted on carb, but that is for a reason as originals are near impossible

Spark plug wires look modern material

Needs pinstripped


And for fun of it: 


Engines always look a lot better when not 100% black paint

Maybe a luggage trunk

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