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Online Newsletter......Any Interest?

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I am wondering if there would be any interest in having a simple monthly online newsletter for questions, Cars for sale, parts for sale or needed, reproducing parts and the like. Perhaps 2-4 pages with listings for Brush stuff and some Brush facts, photos and items like that. Email only, no cost. No dues.


I was sorry to have to give up doing the club newsletter, but my health is much better now, and if the group is interested I would be willing to give it a whirl. Thoughts? Comments?


John Guy




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Great.....I will begin putting together a new format. There will be a For Sale and Wanted section, for parts and cars, as well as a section for reproductions. I would like to for Brush owners needing the same part to be able pool together to have them cast as a group. Anyone who might wish to receive the newsletter, please send an email to Brushrunabout@gmail.com. When I have it put together, classifieds will be sent to the same address monthly for the following months publication. Photos of restorations and projects underway would be great.


Have a great day......



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In the last 10 years there have been two Brush websites that tried to do some of what you hope to do.  Neither is active that I know of and I saw one of them a year ago and was surprised that it was still there when I found it.  Some years back the gentleman who was pushing the Brush newsletter passed away and no one seemed to want to take it over til the guys from Australia did.  They are trying to make a go of a small brand of automobile and I commend them for it.  They seem to have tried to support and promote those who want to get parts reproduced including major engine castings. 

The AACA Forum Brush activity seems to me to be very, very light.  So please forgive me, but there will be the Australian guys and you going after the same content and in a little while should you tire, another Brush website will be gone and the Australian Brush group will be on life support.   I might ask that you contact the Australian guys and perhaps you could volunteer to help them rather than compete with them.  Sorry, my take on it.



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I pretty well have the publisher template worked out for the proposed newsletter/parts exchange. As mentioned previously it will be a simple monthly online restoration newsletter with for sale and wanted sections for Brush guys to post there needs, and a way to let others know of spare parts. I would also like to post a few pics of restorations in progress if anyone is willing to share. As of this time I will be listing information and ads in the following sections:


1. Brush Parts for Sale or Trade: Photos encouraged

2. Brush Parts Wanted: Photos encouraged

3. Reproduction Parts: As many seem to need the same parts, this would be a place we could pool resources to have multiples cast

4. Cars for Sale: This would be for Restored or Parts Cars

5. Restoration Updates: Information on projects underway.


If you have any ads you would like to post please send them along to: Brushrunabout@gmail.com

List for the appropriate section along with preferred contact information and email.


Depending on response I will put the first one together sometime next month.

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I am interested in seeing this happen.

I'm in the process of trying to locate a very specific car or one just like it. My wife's late grandfather used to own the Angels Theatre in Angels Camp, CA between 1900 and 1920. In 1912 his theatre gave away a Liberty-Brush automobile. We do not have much information at all, so any information would be greatly appreciated. My assumption is that this was a 1912 model, but I'm not sure when the Liberty-Brush name started to be used.

My ultimate goal is to acquire said vehicle (or one just like it) and donate it to the Angels Camp Museum. For those of you unfamiliar with Angels Camp, this is where Mark Twain hung out for some time during his day. This small town is where the Calaveras County Jumping Frog Jubilee happens each year. This was the basis of one of Mark Twain's earliest (1865) short stories "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" and brought him national acclaim.

I fully realize that finding that exact car are extremely slim since we know so little about it. I have attached a picture used to advertise the giveaway. The picture clearly states "The Liberty-Brush" automobile. The giveaway was held on January 20th 1912.


Again, any help identifying what year/model this car was or where I might find it would be tremendous and much appreciated.


Thanks, Perry





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