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Automobile Manufacturers of America (AMA) Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association (MVMA) Specifications

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Seeking full set of AMA/MVMA Specification forms that were provided by all the U.S. manufacturers from 1955 to 1984. These multi-page forms were submitted each year for each model produced and included detailed technical information of every component that made up that specific car or truck. Forms typically were from 10-30 pages in length and I've attached one to this post.


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I would go to Worldcat.org first and search for the year/model AMA Specifications. It will bring up a number of locations that will have that particular information. If you look to the left you can choose just the digital version which will condense the number of locations to those that will have a downloadable file available. 

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Six Pack to Go--You bring up a problem that all of us seeking information are going to continue to be faced with in the future. You would like a downloadable or at least readable copy of an AMA Spec sheet and these are out there, but finding one is a hassle at best. The Automotive Preservation Society site noted above is limited in what it has and if you want something very specific related to a specific vehicle, good luck because a search of their library simply provides a list of file locations, none of which tell you exactly what is there. You will spend a lot of time wandering around inside their "library" looking for things that they have not tagged as part of a file or image.


At this point WorldCat.org is probably your best bet because it will show you where these spec sheets are located and tell you if you can get access to them. On a side note, the Petersen Museum supposedly has a complete set of these spec sheets (some of these files are 20-30 pages long) but they are sitting in boxes in a warehouse, untouched and inaccessible unless you are willing to travel to the museum, seek out the archivist and have her dig through boxes to see if she can find what you are looking for.


The sad thing is this problem is much the same everywhere. Yes, there are some great libraries out there but the only way to access what is in those libraries is to go there and spend the time trying to find what you want. That isn't right and we enthusiasts who would like to have this information available using today's technology should be complaining loud and clear. I love beautiful surroundings as much as anyone, but when I want information, I want it without having to spend hundreds of dollars to travel somewhere to get it.

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