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For Sale: 1948 Chrysler Windsor Sedan - Green - Union City, CA - Not Mine

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For sale on Facebook: 1948 Chrysler Windsor 4-Door Sedan in Union City, CA  -  $10,000  -  Must be a member of Facebook to access Seller's contact information.


Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/428421788469024/1948-Chrysler-Windsor-Sedan


Seller's Description:

1948 Chrysler Windsor 4-Door Sedan

  • Driven 9,999 miles
  • Manual transmission
  • Exterior color: Green · Interior color: Green

1948 Chrysler Windsor *Straight Six *Runs and Drives *Register & Clean Title *Offers Only Taken in Person! *Absolutely no BS!

$10,000 OBO


















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4 hours ago, plymouthcranbrook said:

Offers only in person?  So fly to Ca.  Offer say $9,000. Told no. Fly home. I think not.

OF course .Talk about the final price in front of the car .Those ........ who ask for your best price on the phone and you keep the car for them and stay home and then they come to your house and the discussion starts again as they thought it was better .I always ask  if we can talk about the price and then i go over and see the car and try to make a deal if i like it .

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I can see the seller's point. He/she wants to have a fistful of $100 bills change hands, and the car to go away. Probably works full time. No diddling around with banks, shipping, etc. 

On the buyer's side, this isn't a rare car the average hobbyist might spend years searching for. Let someone in the Bay Area buy it. 

It's important to know what you're buying, but the whole "travel to see the car, maybe get a hotel, find out it has rusty rockers, the engine makes nasty noises, etc., and fly home empty handed" adventure should be reserved for something rare/highly desirable. 

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