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62 people: How are you repairing your driveshaft CV joints?


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I looked at u-joints themselves for the center joint and they seem to go from '61-'68.  There was some sort of center bushing kit on rockauto that was more year-specific.  Or are what you're seeking what used to be called "centering kit" (which was between the two u-joints in the cast iron housing)?  Just curious . . .



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Years ago I had a reliable universal joint shop rebuild a Cadillac driveshaft with a kit. It didn't work out. After three or four trips back I went to Paul Lauracella's Parts of the Past and bought a good used driveshaft. That resolved it.


The service manual should say "This is not a serviceable part. Replace as a unit." In this case I believe them.


The rebuilt driveshaft leaned in a corner of my garage as a reminder not to do that again for close to 20 years.


If I was going to do it today I think I would find a really good used one and have a driveshaft shop cut the old CV assembly out and put the used one in. They could do that. If they gave me any push back I would say "Just humor me".

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@SmartinHave you tried Buds Salvage in Oklahoma?  They only have 4 pictures on the web but in the first one it looks like there is a 61-62 right next to the car in the picture.  At any rate you may be able to get a used drive shaft there with the part you need, https://www.budsalvage.com/

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